A real gem surrounded by the sea


Hotel Piccolo Portofino is located in a privileged position, set on the slopes that characterize this exclusive stretch of the Ligurian coast overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio. During the sixties this location became very famous thanks to the protagonists of the star system, the nobles and aristocrats began to populate this fascinating locality to enjoy its exclusive parties and its fantastic scenery. The town of Portofino has remained unchanged all over the times, beautiful to live and to see as well.
But the real soul of Portofino does not consume itself among yachts and worldliness. To understand it we must go back to its ancient origins: a fisher village, founded by the Romans with the name of Portus Delphini, in honor of the many dolphins that lived in this area, with narrow streets and colorful houses, winding paths, and small squares of polished pebbles. It is complex but simple at the same time, Portofino is a real gem that is surrounded by the sea and is caressed by the sky. An ideal destination for those who want to relax and spend their holidays in this “open-air living room”, sitting in one of the bars of the main square, walking on the boardwalk, or enjoying the beautiful beaches. Much of the magical charm of this city remains tied to its geographical location: Portofino develops itself along the bay of the Tigullio Gulf, at the feet of the mountain.
To get to Portofino, you can land at the airport in Genoa 85 km far, or at the airport of Pisa 120 km far. By train, there is no station, but you can get off at the station of S. Margherita Ligure and travel to Portofino by bus (every 20 minutes) by taxi, or for those who dare even on foot, with a beautiful walk of about one hour and a half.